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SocialMediaWeek: Programme co-ordinator, ohne Frist

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Programme co-ordinator required to join our team for Social Media Week Berlin 2014. Reports to Managing Director

Overall responsibility:

Coordinate all elements of the programming of events for Social Media Week Berlin 2014

Key areas of responsibility:

• Maintaining thematic steering of the overall programming

• Coordinating programming inputs from Chairperson, Managing Director, Strategic Partners, Advisory Board, Global Team, Director of Partnerships, and all other stakeholders.

• Keeping an overview of all events, speakers, and their organizational status

• Maintaining excellent internal communications with Managing Director, PR team, Logistics Director, and Volunteer Manager

• Manage small team for implementation of events

• Scheduling necessary team members for successful implementation of all events, including preparations and take-down

• Oversight of programming budget and spendings


Consults with:

• Managing Director

• Chairperson

• All levels of management


Term of employment:

May 2014-October 2014

Part-time May-June-October/ Full-time July-September



• 2-3 years experience in fair management of teams (please detail your relevant team management experience in cover letter)

• Experience in running large scale multifaceted events (please include project information in cover letter)

• Excellent Organizational Skills

• Must work well in team atmosphere, while also being very self-motivated

• Dedicated to inclusion — i.e. gender and minority representation

• Passion in all things tech — and how the interactivity of the internet is effecting all aspects of life

• Excellent command of English, German fluency a big plus

Compensation: €2000 per month

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Visit the company website: Social Media Week

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